Hello, I'm Javier R.

A dynamic performer and adventurous composer, Javier Rodriguez has graced the biggest stages in Europe, created a number of groundbreaking film scores, and left a personal mark on the modern music world. Born in Spain, Javier studied with legendary pianist Rafael Orozco before embarking on a career that would take him around the world. He spent several years as an in demand composer for both ballet and cinema, while also becoming a highly sought after educator. In 2014, he was appointed Music Director of The World Ballet, and went on to become nominated for two Tony Awards and a Spirit Independent Cinema Award. He has collaborated with some of the most accomplished musicians in the world, including Ravi Shankar, Sura Susso, Yaroldi Abreu, Jansen Santana, Mutsumi Abe, Helio Delmiro, and Modou Toure. Javier is currently based in London, where he maintains a steady schedule of performances. www.javierrodriguez.org Music in YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCme2B-TQ8PKd6nS7GfomkUQ Music in Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5GdIcNcQjK8F9MlLP0gZYg

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    Reviews from Hosts (6)

    • George S

      Good as always. Apologies for a bit of confusion from the host end

      George SFebruary 2022

    • Nolan R

      As always Javier and his friends do treat the venue with respect and will always be happy to welcome him back.

      Nolan RMarch 2021

    • PV

      Great experience. Javier is professional and friendly. Would welcome him back at the Vortex anytime.

      Pauline VMarch 2021

    • Robert B

      Javier was a perfect guest, as well as being a fantastic musician. No problems at all. I recommend him to anyone.

      Robert BFebruary 2021

    • George S

      Mis-typed times, so arrived an hour early, but would have waited had it been necessary, so no problems. Very co-operative with special Covid measures, etc.

      George SFebruary 2021

    • Nolan R

      Very easy to work with. Would happily welcome them back.

      Nolan RFebruary 2021