Ellen Wilkinson Oboist

meet the musiciansTalking with oboist and writer Ellen Wilkinson

Ellen Wilkinson is a third-year undergraduate oboist at the Royal Academy of Music in London. She is also the founder and chief editor of ‘RAMpage’, the Royal Academy of Music’s student newspaper, which she set up in the first 2020 lockdown. Ellen ‘enjoys meeting new people’ and with a long-held love for literature and writing, she joined the team with a hope to help create and expand the mushRoom community by interviewing our musicians and hosts, and writing about exciting musical projects...

meet the hostsEngineer and Musical Magpie George Storm

George describes himself as a ‘lapsed mathematician’ who believes that you have to try ‘some of everything that appeals in life’; his dry wit offsets a generous warmth as we sit by a coffee table holding a pile of books which includes a biography of Georgia O’Keeffe and a heavy-looking hardback titled ‘Opera: Passion, Power and Politics’. George explains that the house can feel empty with just him and his wife Brenda, and that he enjoys welcoming musicians of all ages and abilities into his home...

meet the musiciansConcert Pianist George Todica

On a sunny day in June, we met George in a cosy corner of bustling Borough Market to chat about his experience of the mushRoom music community and how the service has helped him as a young professional pianist.

meet the hostsJon: passionate pianist and Leonberger lover

Based in the artistic bustling city of Brighton, Jon is a pianist, teacher and music enthusiast; when chatting, we were struck by Jon’s holistic approach to teaching and performing and how music has been a recurring source of inspiration and healing through his life. Jon’s Leonbergers ‘Chewy’ and ‘Solo’ bound about his bright musical home, which includes two spacious sound proofed musical studios, named the ‘Capra’ and ‘Vincent’ rooms after his old piano teacher and father…

music projectsODD DOG OUT: A vibrant musical tonic to months of lockdown learning

The narration of children’s books through music is a tale as old as time; from Prokofiev’s ‘Peter and the Wolf’ to Julia Donaldson’s ‘The Gruffalo’. The rise of Disney added animation as an enticing visual dimension to musical books and modern technology has enhanced this further. The immediate accessibility and creative potential of videos and apps are the future of multimedia books and enables their use as fun educational resources for schools and families.

One quintet passionate about multimedia music education is the Magnard Ensemble…

Instrument CarePiano Care in Pandemic Time

In the words of Beethoven, music can change the world. With the coronavirus raging war, instruments have seen livelier days. Though many now sit neglected and unloved while students feud with finding practice rooms. Have a piano? We say revive it by renting it out. mushRoom connects musical spaces with musicians to build communities. Together with Markson Pianos, we impart the essentials of COVID-19 piano care so you can safely host students and musicians in your space.

meet the hostsLewis & his ‘Rehearsal Rooms’

A classical pianist and music teacher himself, Lewis has created a tranquil corner for his Yamaha C2X grand piano to reside, alongside his adorable black cat, Figaro. We recently paid a visit to Lewis’s North Acton home on a bright crispy February afternoon; when we turned the corner and saw the name of the building, we laughed out loud. Could this place be more perfect?

music productionsHorses for Courses – Listenpony are music to our ears

London-based Listenpony is a great example of what can be done when artists think outside the box. Three music graduates decided to set up Listenpony, the plan was to create “A place to put on our music and the music of our friends at an event they would enjoy regardless of whether or not they were new music fanatics.”

meet the hostsFlautist Vicky and Mia the cat

Flautist Vicky’s childhood piano now lives with her and her own family in North London’s Swiss Cottage, making it the perfect place for pianists, acoustic duos and solo musicians to practice, compose and play.