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Introducing: Fine Tune Your Space with Markson Pianos



  • Our first partnership programme designed to support our hosts and benefit our musicians
  • Fine Tune Your Space offers discounts on piano tuning, rental and purchasing with our partner Markson Pianos

Founded in 1910, Markson Pianos boasts four generations of family knowledge and experience. The company offers a range of services, including piano tuning, renting, transporting and selling. They are London’s leading piano supplier for individuals and institutions, and service pianos for world-class concert venues, including the Royal Albert Hall.

Piano practice rooms are the most used spaces on mushRoom and are integral to our community. It is important that our hosts can make the most out of their instruments and spaces, which is why we are excited to announce the partnership with Markson Pianos, launching Fine Tune Your Space, supporting hosts in London to own, maintain or upgrade their pianos more affordably, together, creating more quality piano practice rooms or rehearsal spaces in London.

Introducing Fine Tune Your Space

Fine Tune Your Space is an exclusive partnership programme with Markson Pianos. Here’s what is included in the program:

  • A £10 discount on tuning through Markson Pianos:
    We all know it is essential to tune your piano on a regular basis. Tuning your piano at least two to four times a year provides stability to the piano not just to the pitch but also to the tone.

    Markson Pianos have some of the best tuners you can find in London, including their head tuner Gerry who has been tuning pianos at the Royal Albert Hall and other prestigious venues for 30 years on behalf of Markson Pianos. We are delighted to include this offer in Fine Tune Your Space program, allowing our host to receive exceptional tuning service at a more affordable rate.
  • Free first month of a long-term piano rental (minimum 6 months)
    Piano hire is the most cost-effective way to own a piano, it is possible now to have your hiring cost covered, or even earn some pocket money from it by hiring out on mushRoom.

    A £4000 piano can be rented at £80 per month with Markson Pianos, and by renting out around £10 per hour on mushRoom, you will only need to host around 10 hours a month to cover the cost of renting!

    If later, you decide to purchase the piano you rented or other pianos, an Option to Purchase scheme is also available through Markson Pianos, where the first six months’ rental (paid upfront) will be deducted, together with the return transport from the original sale price. For more details on the Option to Purchase scheme, please visit here.
  • Discount on the purchase of a piano (depending on the make and model)
    If you are already a host on mushRoom and thinking of upgrading your piano, or a venue hoping to attract more bookings by owning a piano, Markson Pianos have one of the greatest ranges of pianos you can find in London.

    Every piano is sold with a five-year guarantee and includes delivery and set-up too. Markson Pianos also offer financing options as part of our ‘Take it Away’ scheme, which supports music retailers in providing interest-free loans for individuals looking to buy instruments. You can now enjoy discounts on your purchase by becoming a host mushRoom!

mushRoom and Markson Pianos take pride in connecting musicians: we are excited to bring together each other’s communities and continue to support the music community.

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