Charles Kieny Accordionist Composer mushRoom

meet the hosts Charles Kieny: Augmented Accordionist and Composer

Ever wondered what you get when you combine jazz and metal music? Accordionist and composer Charles Kieny is determined to find out, with his experimental ensemble CKRAFT spanning centuries of musical influence, from monks of the Middle Ages to the French band Gojira. We crossed the metaphorical channel to chat to him on zoom and gleaned some practical tips for independent musicians starting out in France, as well as discovering his “crush” on the cello with his more intimate chamber project, Crozphonics...

Piano Care in Pandemic Time

In the words of Beethoven, music can change the world. With the coronavirus raging war, instruments have seen livelier days. Though many now sit neglected and unloved while students feud with finding practice rooms. Have a piano? We say revive it by renting it out. mushRoom connects musical spaces with musicians to build communities. Together with Markson Pianos, we impart the essentials of COVID-19 piano care so you can safely host students and musicians in your space.