Hello, I'm Alex M.

M0NF0RT is a French composer, piano & keyboard player based in Paris. On top of his successful career in Jazz (industry/World) He has more recently established himself as a promising Beat Maker and producer. With a vast knowledge of jazz and an arsenal of techniques and sounds at his disposal he creates productions that are perfectly catered to the artists with whom he works. After many years of touring all over the world his playing and producing has a remarkable maturity seldom seen in young artists. This young soul collaborated with Incredible players such as ‘’Chris Potter, Branford Marsalis, Didier Lockwood, Tivon Pennicott, Seamus Blake, Jorge Vistel, Herlin Riley, James Cammack or Jorge Rossy…’’. From a very young age M0NF0RT also has been exposed to West Coast rap and hip-hop legends which have had a great impact and influence over is work. In an interview with KNKX Radio in Seattle, he went as far as claiming that Nate Dogg’s voice was his lullaby when he was a baby. Over the years, by combining all his influences (G-funk, rap, hip-hop, RnB, Soul, funk, Jazz, Afro...) M0NF0RT truly started to develop his own sound in the music industry and he’s producing for a wide range of artists around the globe. He has a keen fondness for California, having lived there for a period of time and has created his network there between the Bay Area & Los Angeles. He has kept busy during this year of pandemic preparing new sounds, new projects.

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