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Mariana O
Mariana O
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Mariana’s Place

Domicile/espace privéHosted by Mariana O


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About this room

It is in my spare room​,​ really great view of Manchester. From the 32nd floor you will be able to see the canal​,​ birds flying and it is really inspiring.


  • WC
  • Wi-Fi
  • Cuisine

Room rules

This is a Fifi’s home, she is a cat and she is the boss here, so respect the cat. She is an old lady, 12 years old. The piano is new, you’ll need to have clean hands and do not eat while practicing. :)

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Domicile/espace privé

Is there step-free access?


Is your room able to host high volume amplified music(eg. rock, metal…)?





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    Mariana O

    Hello, I'm Mariana O.


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